What if my baby cries and doesn't settle?

This is one of the most common worries between parents. I’ve photographed hundreds of babies in the past 10 years and I’m experienced to deal with unsettled babies and still get some nice images. I will try to understand what's bothering baby and move accordingly. I learnt a few tricks along the years and I follow my experience and the mum's instinct.

Sometimes babies have a gassy tummy and feel uncomfortable, that's why to prevent that problem I send you a list of food you should avoid 2 days before the session to make sure baby is content. In the preparation email I'll send you, there are also other tips to help the session run smoother.

". . . She makes you feel so comfortable while putting you so at ease and works magic on your newborn when it’s their time to be photographed. Valentina was gentle, caring and so good at getting my little one to sleep I wanted to take her home with me!. . . " Morag McCole

How do I secure a date? What if my baby comes earlier or later?

I only take 8 newborns every month to ensure I can provide a good service to my clients. That's why it's important to book a session in advance to ensure availability. To book a session you will need to sign the contract and pay the session fee. I will then pencil a date around 10 days after your due date but of course, it can be changed to the actual baby's birth.

So don't worry if baby comes early or late, once you are booked in, we will find together the most suitable solution.


In a newborn session are family photos and sibling included?

Of course, they are! A newborn session is a full family session, actually, parents and siblings are very welcome and highly encouraged to get involved in the photoshoot. Those will be the most treasured images! And yes, even your furry family members.


Can you photograph babies older than 2 weeks?

By definition, a baby is a newborn up to 1 month and photographers will want to photograph them within the first 2 weeks because babies are sleepier and very flexible.

However, as a mum, I could never say no to an older baby! I photographed babies from 5 days to 12 weeks and to mum they are just as precious. The older the baby the more alert he will be, so I will capture awaken images as well. It's just a matter of knowing and understanding what you can expect. They will be slightly different but you will love them as much!

What if my baby does an explosive poo? Or pee?

For some reasons, parents feel guilty if there is an accident! They are babies, they can't control themselves and you shouldn't feel responsible. I try to keep the nappy on for most of the session but sometimes an accident can happen. I have everything handy to clean from wipes to tissues, towels, bags so don't worry about it :) It's part of my job description!

mum kissing sleeping newborn baby, black and white photo

". . . Vale had a great sense of humour when the one twin made an enormous poop. It really helped keep us all calm, happy and we thoroughly enjoyed both photography sessions. . . " Justine Louw

I'm a bit nervous and apprehensive . . .

I totally feel you. I remember years ago I was nervous about everything, my daughter not wetting the nappy as much or pooping too many times, or worrying at the slightest different sound of breathing, or stranger touching my baby's hands . . . I get it! We are all humans after all and especially first-time mums we worry a lot. I will do all my best to take care of your baby during the shoot and being a baby-led photographer really help in that as I will follow baby's need. But please talk to me at any point if you are not comfortable or feel overwhelmed. A newborn session is quite an emotional experience and I've witnessed tears of joy, tears of exhaustion, signs of anxiety and fears. I'm there for you too, not just for your baby. We can take a break any time and have a chat, so when you will be in the photos you look at your best.

I did it before and wasn't happy with the result.

Well, every photographer has a different style and has a different level of experience. I'm always sorry to hear someone didn't enjoy the experience or didn't like the photos! I strive to make the experience enjoyable and pleasant for parents as much as possible and I always give 100% when I hold my camera. If you like my simple images, that's what you will get. I won't do any extravagant thing or over the top poses.

After the session, you will only pay for the images you love, it's very simple. And, if for any reasons, you don't like any of the photos I present you, I'll be happy to either offer a reshoot or refund you the session fee. So there is nothing to lose really.

"We used Valentina for our third baby girl and she was by far the best newborn photographer we’ve used. She was patient and kind and fantastic with our two elder children. We are delighted with the photos. If you want props etc she’s not for you but if you want beautiful natural shots I’d thoroughly recommend her." Sarah Hill

black and white family portrait: mum holding newborn baby and dad with the other 2 girls around her

I think it's too expensive. Is that your last price?

One of the most important thing for me is offering to all my clients the same service and the same treatment. I believe you wouldn't be happy if your friend paid a different price than you had for the same product! Being fair is one of my values so yes, the prices you read are final.

I know baby arrival also means extra expenses but consider this. You are buying so many things that you won't probably even use much. You are also buying expensive things you will need but you will dismiss after a few years like carry-cots and prams.

Photographs are your most precious memories and they will last a lifetime

" It's impossible not to love the outcome. We did a newborn session with the rest of the family and absolutely loved the outcome. It might initially sound a bit pricey, but it's worth it. We never print pictures nowadays and having these around the house make a huge difference, they bring a smile whenever I look at them. Great idea also to share with family far away. I can't recommend Valentina enough. In such a short time she puts everyone at ease and what she creates is absolutely wonderful. She is really sweet and absolutely loves what she does, and you can tell! " Lucy Carminati

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