Why do you need Mummy and Me Photos now?

The bond between a mother and her child is the only real and purest bond in the world, the only true love we can ever find in our lifetime.”

Ama H. V.

Nothing is more true than this quote and you really don’t understand it until you are a mum.

But unfortunately, we are always behind the camera. We take so many photos of our children, every occasion, every milestone, birthday, special events, the first day of school . . . but how many times are we in the photos with them?

Don’t worry, I hear you because I’m a mum too! I’m the one who takes most of the photos of my daughter (well, nowadays I feel more like a paparazzi as I have to snap while she is not spotting me) and rarely is in with her! 

Why you need a mummy and me session.

Our children are growing so fast and if we are always behind the camera what will they find one day? They are left with no photos of you, the most important person in their life, the person who was always there for them. The one comforting them. The one who was always believing in them. The one who protected them . . .

I think we deserve to have beautiful photos of us with our children. We deserve to have them for us and one day for them. We are living in a particular moment right now, we survived 2 years of a horrible virus that killed many people and now a stupid war is causing even more pain and suffering. Never like the past few years, I realised how precious life is. We might take for granted some moments we have every day, but actually, they are so valuable!

This year my mission is to have more photos of me and especially more photos with my daughter and as a family. And here am I to remind you the same.

That’s why Mother’s Day Mini Sessions are not only perfect to have a few images with your child/children but they will be a memorable experience. One of a kind where the focus is just on you and your children.

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

I’m holding mini sessions on Saturday 26th March 2022.

Now is just the perfect time! Whether you are expecting your first baby or you come with 3 children and your mum!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity. This mummy and me session is just for you!

They are short and sweet – so no excuses to take up much of the day.

It makes a great gift for any mum!

You will have a fun time with your child/children and I will capture those natural interactions and emotions between you.

Do you want the details?

The mini session is £195. It will be 30 minutes and you will receive 5 digital images of your choice.

So are you ready to book?

Don’t take it from me, take it from my clients

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