Christmas Mini Sessions – the magic of Christmas is coming!

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” —Edna Ferber

Christmas mini sessions can surely give you and all your family members that festive feeling all year round.

And I’m so excited for this year set-up!!

As my photography style is very simple and timeless, I wanted to create something that reflects that. I have been thinking for a while about it and during one of my morning walks, surrounded by nature, I was trying to find how I could get inspired by it.

Christmas trees are surely nature-inspired but I used one already a couple of years ago. Didn’t want to use it again. And I was envisioning a white environment. Kind of the world of the Chronicles of Narnia! Snow . . .

White – Snow – Snowflakes

That was my train of thought. So I went home and searched on the internet for snowflakes and boom! Founded!

Sorry, maybe I bored you with the story of how I came up with this theme.

So, Christmas mini sessions? What are they?

A mini session is a very short version of a photography session. You will have limited time (20 minutes), fewer images to choose from and the set-up is already set for you. Of course, even the price will reflect this and therefore it will be much cheaper than a full photoshoot.

When are they?

Mini sessions are run on specific dates and you can choose a time slot.

The date for Christmas mini sessions 2021 are the 13th and 14th of November.

Where do I have to come?

To my studio in Twickenham, west London.

How much is it?

Christmas mini sessions are £165 and will include 20 minutes shoot and 5 digital files of your choice. Check the website for upgrade options. You can book your slot from Monday 4th October.

What should I wear?

When I thought about this set-up I was envisioning a wintery scene for timeless photos. So I would suggest simple and solid colours in neutral shades. Knitted clothes are perfect for the occasion. Jumpers, cardigans, dresses…textures and accessories are welcome too!

Here are some ideas for boys. I took the outfits from H&M, Gap and Next.

And here are some inspirations for girls. I would suggest white, cream or grey, but alternatively, a festive mood or warm tones work fine too.

I hope these ideas can be useful! Please check out my website to see more work and do get in touch if you have any questions!

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