behnd the scene: london newborn photogrpaher valentina taking photo of a baby newbornCapture the Love. Start your Story.I'm Valentina, mum, wife and baby photographer based in London.

I help new mums like you to freeze those fleeting early days
with simple and timeless photos of your baby,
so that you can live those emotions all over again, forever.




I Capture Emotions & Freeze Time.


The first year of a baby is full of EMOTIONS.


You carried your baby for 9 months, probably the longest months of your life. And then there she is your beautiful baby in your ARMS. The early days are really special.

It's when you start knowing each other. It's when your whole life starts to change.

But she won't be this TINY for long. In only a few weeks she will change. Soon she will start to roll, sit, crawl and mumble words. She will soon call you MUM. And you won't be able to contain your JOY.

The first year will be hard but it will also be the most precious one.


Don't leave all these moments behind you. Document your baby's story and preserve your LEGACY.

As a London Newborn Photographer, I can help you freeze the time.

I can help you to live all those emotions all over again, FOREVER.

newborn photographer lodon: baby smiling in mum's arms
newborn-photographer-london- mum's hands holding baby's head


Simple. Real. Timeless Images.

Your baby is beautiful just as he is.


I'm sure you agree, right? I don't need props, flowers or buckets to show how stunning he is. Parents are always the best prop I could ever use. Yes, even for those who don't want to be in the photo, I make sure you are discreetly there for your child.

I like keeping things very SIMPLE so that you can proudly display your timeless images on the wall for years to come.

Newborn Photoshoot London

Jane B.

A wonderful experience and so happy with the end result.
This was our first proper outing with our 10-day old son and
Valentina made it such a comfortable and enjoyable session.
We were very keen to have natural shots and delighted with the photos.
Very personal service, even going as far to drop off the photos to us at home.
Can’t recommend highly enough!


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portrait os Valentina, newborn photographer in London

I don't take just pretty Newborn Pictures,

I Tell Your Story

The first few days after birth are exhausting and you and your baby are knowing and adjusting to each other.

I felt the same with my girl years ago, but you will soon find a balance.


Coming to the studio might sound like such a hurdle but will actually give you a little break.

You will be able to relax with a cup of tea in your hands, you might have the luxury of a little nap while I take care of your baby and create some precious memories I know you will love and will be proud of.


I love observing all the members of the family during the session to capture unique moments.

The complicity between mum and dad, mum's love while holding her baby, the special bond with dad and the fun times with a sibling will tell the most BEAUTIFUL STORIES one day.


You can choose to write your story from the beginning, from that beautiful pregnant belly, through the cuteness of the newborn and the big milestones of the first year.

Or you can simply choose your favourite part of this incredible journey.


I'll be honoured to tell the story you prefer.


Maternity and Baby Photographer SW London

Justine L.

Not only did Valentina produce the most beautiful pictures of our
little girl but she was also the baby whisperer keeping our baby calm,
happy and content during the photoshoot

Client Testimonial

Beautiful Photos should be Beautifully Presented


I know we are living in a super modern era where everything is digital and we want it right away.


However, media devices are changing all the time and they won't be accessible in a few years.

Technology can easily fail us leaving you without your precious memories.


That's why there is nothing more SPECIAL than printed images.

They can personalise your walls, they can boost your children's self-esteem and more importantly

they will last for generations.


Transform your newborn photos into little PIECES OF ART!

Let me tell your story

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