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I'm Valentina, mum, wife and your London Maternity and Newborn Photographer

I help new mums like you to freeze those fleeting early days

with simple, timeless and heartfelt photos of your baby,

ensuring you can relive those emotions all over again, forever

Capture the Love. Start your Story



I Capture Emotions & Freeze Time.


Your baby's first year is a whirlwind of EMOTIONS.


From the moment you carried your precious one for nine months to the day they nestled into your arms, these early days are truly special. It's when you start to learn and grow together, and your world begins to change.

Yet, your tiny bundle of joy won't stay tiny for long. In just a few weeks, they'll begin to roll, sit, crawl, and utter their first words. Soon enough, they'll call you "Mum," and your heart will overflow with joy.


The first year may be challenging, but it's also the most precious. Don't let these moments slip away. Document your baby's unique story and preserve your LEGACY.


As your trusted London Newborn Photographer, I'm here to help you freeze these fleeting moments in time, allowing you to relive the emotions, joys, and memories—forever.

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Simple. Real. Timeless Images.

Your baby is beautiful just as he is. ⁠


I'm sure you agree, right? I don't need props, flowers or buckets to show how stunning he is. I believe that the most beautiful prop a baby can have is their loving parents. Even if you'd rather stay discreet, I ensure your presence is captured in a way that's meaningful and heartfelt.


I prefer to keep things beautifully SIMPLE so that you can proudly display these timeless images on your walls for generations to come.

Newborn Photoshoot London

Jane B.

A wonderful experience and so happy with the end result.
This was our first proper outing with our 10-day old son and
Valentina made it such a comfortable and enjoyable session.
We were very keen to have natural shots and delighted with the photos.
Very personal service, even going as far to drop off the photos to us at home.
Can’t recommend highly enough!


I don't take just pretty Newborn Photos,

I Tell Your Story

The first days after birth can be both joyous and exhausting, as you and your baby get to know and adjust to each other. It's a journey I've experienced too, and I understand the importance of finding balance.


Coming to my studio might seem like a task, but it's a chance for you to have a little break, relax with a cup of tea, or perhaps even steal a well-deserved nap while I create precious memories you'll cherish.


I love observing the dynamics within your family during our sessions and capturing unique moments.

The connection between parents, the maternal love, the paternal bond, and the joy of siblings. These moments weave the most BEAUTIFUL STORIES.


You have the choice to begin your narrative from the beautiful pregnant belly, through the enchanting newborn phase, to the major milestones of the first year. Or, you can simply focus on your favourite part of this incredible journey.


I'll be honoured to tell the story you prefer.


Whether it's maternity photos, newborn pictures, or baby photos, I specialize in capturing every chapter of your beautiful journey.

Maternity and Newborn Photographer London

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portrait os Valentina, newborn photographer in London
Justine L.

Not only did Valentina produce the most beautiful pictures of our
little girl but she was also the baby whisperer keeping our baby calm,
happy and content during the photoshoot

Client Testimonial

Turning Moments Into Art


I know we are living in a super modern era where everything is digital and we want it right away.


However, media devices are changing all the time and they won't be accessible in a few years.

Technology can easily fail us leaving you without your precious memories.


That's why there is nothing more SPECIAL than printed images.

They not only personalize your walls but also boost your children's self-esteem and, most importantly, they will last for generations.


Transform your newborn photos into PIECES OF ART that will stand the test of time.

Evelin & Zsolt
Valentina is an incredibly talented photographer.

We’ve recently had a newborn photoshoot with her
where she handled our baby with a lot of care during the session.
She went above and beyond to capture an amazing variety of images
and the results speak for themselves.
The photos are stunning, and she offers a great selection of products.
The album we chose is of very high quality.

We’re looking forward to going back to her to celebrate milestones with our baby.
Vale is a star! Highly recommended!
Client Testimonial

Let's Preserve Your Timeless Moments

Together, we'll turn your life's most precious moments into timeless memories.


Your journey as a parent is an incredible story, and I'm here to ensure every beautiful chapter is captured, cherished, and displayed for generations to come. Let me tell your story!

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portrait os Valentina, newborn photographer in London

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