Maternity Photography

“You are pregnant and you are powerful.
You are bold and you are beautiful.
Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your connectedness.
Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.”
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Right here is where your most extraordinary journey unfolds! This is your very own miracle in the making.


I'd Love to Be your London Maternity Photographer and Capture this Time For You.



You are on a remarkable journey—creating a new life and expanding your family's love. It's a time when words often fall short, and emotions run deep.


The bond between you and the precious life growing inside you is a profound experience that can only truly be understood once felt.


This isn't just about the journey of your growing bump; it's also about the unspoken connection you share with your partner and the excitement radiating from your children. This moment is a blend of anticipation, love, and togetherness, and it deserves to be immortalized in every frame.


As your London maternity photographer, my mission is clear. To freeze these moments in time, to tell your unique story through every click of the camera. Because these moments, filled with love and anticipation, are worth cherishing for a lifetime.




As a London maternity photographer, I want you to know that what you'll experience during your maternity photoshoot is truly magical.

It's a time when you'll truly feel your inner beauty shining through.

You'll experience a profound sense of empowerment.


You will remember the joy and tenderness you felt while gazing down at your growing belly.

You'll cherish the moments when your partner lovingly held you or gently caressed your cheek.

Or those precious moments when your toddler's curious fingers explored your belly with an inquisitive look—they'll all come flooding back.


But the magic doesn't end there.

The genuine smiles and raw, unfiltered emotions you'll see in the photos we create together will serve as timeless reminders of these extraordinary moments.



You know, I don't have many photos of my own mother when she was pregnant with me. I often wish I had more glimpses into that beautiful time.

However, there's one special photo I hold dear. It captures a moment when she was decorating the Christmas tree (I was born in January) with the help of my older brother.

In that image, you can sense that they weren't just preparing for Santa's arrival; they were eagerly awaiting something even more significant and precious.

I cherish it because it tells a story—the very beginning of my story.


And just like that photo does for me, the images you'll have after our session will narrate your child's story.

They'll remind you of the incredible power of your body, the profound bond you share with your partner, and the undeniable beauty and greatness that resides within you.


So, let's create memories together that will speak to your heart and soul for a lifetime.


Your story, your journey—it's worth capturing, celebrating, and cherishing.

So, let's create memories together that will speak to your heart and soul for a lifetime.

Your story awaits, and I'm here to tell it through the lens.


Roberta - SW11Valentina was amazing!
We had a maternity session, we loved the experience, everything was so calm and relaxed
even if there was also my 4 years old son that wanted to play with everything.

She took amazing photos and we felt comfortable in her studio
despite I hate being in front of the camera.

Highly recommend!
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Maternity Photos

When To Book a Maternity Photo Shoot


I recommend scheduling your maternity photo session around your 20th week of pregnancy. This timing aligns with your routine ultrasound appointment, where you'll gather crucial information about your baby's development.

It also provides plenty of time to establish a connection with your photographer and design your maternity session according to your preferences.


Before the big day, I'll invite you to visit the studio, if possible. We'll sit down for a friendly chat over a cup of tea. This is your opportunity to have all your questions addressed and get a firsthand look at the dresses available for your session.

You'll also familiarize yourself with the studio space where the magic unfolds. This pre-session meeting ensures that you'll step into your maternity photography session with confidence and comfort.


Best time for your Maternity Photo Shoot



Selecting the ideal moment to capture your beautiful bump is key. The sweet spot typically falls between the 26th and 32nd week of your pregnancy. During this window, your belly displays its graceful curves, and you're likely to still have the energy for a memorable session.

You can wait longer if you wish but babies are unpredictable and you might feel exhausted at the end of the session.


What makes these maternity sessions truly exceptional is the inclusion of your partner, children, and even your beloved pets. Their presence adds a layer of personalization and sentimentality, turning your photos into cherished memories.


Maternity Photography package

Session in my studio 1-2 hours


Different setups and photos with your partner, children or pets


Access to the clothing of the studio wardrobe


Access to an online gallery to view the images in the comfort of your home


10 digital images of your choice to download


10 beautiful 6x4" prints matching your digital selection


To secure your session, a deposit of £199 is required upon booking.


The remaining balance will be paid on the day of your session.


Should you wish to enhance your experience, you have the flexibility to upgrade to the complete digital collection or include prints and other exquisite products after reviewing your gallery.


Additionally, for those who prefer the charm of outdoor settings, location sessions are available during the spring and summer seasons.


Let's make your photography experience truly exceptional!



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