For Photographers

Are you interested in learning more about simple and timeless newborn photography?


If you are ready to follow your dream and transform your passion into your business, I can help you by teaching and guiding you on this amazing journey.


I will hold your hand and empower you to achieve your goals and dream.


I've been in business for over a decade. I grew my business and my daughter together and I wanted to do them both successfully.


But it was a long journey, not always easy, actually full of trials, errors and cries. Yes, I thought about quitting a few times, but thank god my passion was stronger than my fears and I never did.

The quickest way to get you started is by learning from someone who has been there. Someone who has a business you would like to have. Someone who is a few steps ahead of you.


I can certainly help you fast-track your journey.


There are a couple of ways we can work together.




Power Hour | £150


Being a baby photographer is the best job in the world, but it can be overwhelming and lonely. This type of session is perfect if you are already in business, are stuck somewhere and want a little help. You will get:


One-hour video call

2 topics to focus on and discuss

email me before the call to find out what you need so I can better help and make the most of your time


Here are some areas I could help you with:

portfolio reviews

building your brand

finding your style

client communications and workflows


natural lighting

shooting workflow

working with fussy or awake babies

camera angles and composition

contract, invoicing, business


These are just some suggestions if you have any others you don't see here just let me know.


I know 1 hour is not a lot but if something is stopping you right now, it might be what you need to regain confidence in yourself and walk away with some simple steps to take to make it happen.




computer - online mentoring for newborn photographers


1-1 Mentoring in Person | £799


Practical Workshop Day.


This is perfect if you are just starting out and need to see how a session is done.


You will come to my Twickenham studio and I will walk you through a newborn session from start to finish. You will learn in a day what I did in 10 years so you can fast-track your journey.


You will have the chance to see how I pose and handle the baby and you will be able to take images for your own portfolio and social media usage.


I will cover all the basics of newborn photography from camera settings to camera angles and more. My style is simple and minimalist but once you know the basics you can apply it to any style you prefer.


You will get lunch and snacks.


We will discuss editing and business and I will answer all your questions.


£199 (non-refundable) deposit is required to book. The remaining balance is due the day before the workshop.








3-month-program | £1100


This is the best investment you could make in yourself as not only will you learn about newborn photography but you will also have someone there for you when you need it.


It will include 2 calls and will cover :


Mindset and Finding Your Style

(understanding of how our brain works and learns, mindset, confidence, how to reprogram your mind)


Newborn basics

(lighting, camera setting, manual shooting, white balance, camera angles, baby safety, composition and planning)


In-person Workshop

(you will get the chance to see how I work with a baby and you will take photos and practice too)


3x30 minutes follow-up calls to ask me anything


email support within this time






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