Newborn photography

"I loved you from the very start. You stole my breath, embraced my heart.


Our life together has just begun. You’re part of me, my little one."

newborn baby wrapped in a soft white fabric with his hands out under his chin


When to Book a Newborn Photo Shoot?


The best time for newborn photography is ideally within their first 12 days of life. Babies are still very sleepy and inclined toward the foetal position.


They can easily curl up in a bundle resulting in adorable portraits you will enjoy for years to come.


To secure a date, it's best to book the session while you are still pregnant and we will set an appointment based on your due date.

Of course, the date can easily be moved if the baby comes early or late. After all, the due date is not an expiry date but a simple guideline.

Precious details

Your baby will never be this small again! During a newborn session, you have the chance to document everything. The chubby cheeks, the pouty lips, the beautiful eyelashes, the long little fingers and the cute tiny toes. Maybe that exact moment while your baby is holding your finger and your emotions will be uncontainable.

Maybe that moment when your partner is holding and looking at your baby and your eyes become teary as you never thought you could be happier.


A newborn session is very emotional, and that's why it is a unique experience.


detail of newborn hand holding dad's finger

London Newborn Photographer

newborn girls smiling at mum

How long does a newborn Photoshoot take?

The sessions are baby-led so your baby won't be forced into any positions he doesn't like. Actually is the baby who dictates how and when he's comfortable.


A newborn session takes a little bit of time and patience. And of course, a lot of passion!


I never rush any of my sessions, especially for mums with newborns. There is always plenty of time to nurse, feed, and cuddle the baby in between shots.


Usually, the session takes about 2-3 hours. I will allow all the time necessary to ensure we have beautiful images of your baby as well as some with mum & dad (and siblings if any).

Do you have props?

I do have a range of simple props, mainly wraps, small outfits and blankets.

I stopped using bowls and baskets as unadorned images are my style and signature.


I use neutral tones and love the simplicity of the white to show baby purity and the black to emulate the inside of the womb. I don’t use many props, big hats with pompoms or flowers. So if that’s what you like, probably I’m not your best fit as your newborn photographer.


To deliver timeless images I really believe in “Less is More”.

newborn baby sleeping on a white blanket

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