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Capture Precious Newborn Moments with Valentina, Your London Newborn Photographer

There's something truly priceless about capturing those early days of your baby's life. These moments are incredibly fleeting, and having photographs to look back on as your baby grows is a real treasure.

In my photography, I keep things very simple. No fancy props or distractions. I want to capture your baby's natural perfection, just as they are.

My goal isn't just to create long-lasting memories; my goal is to make this photoshoot a wonderful experience for you to cherish.


"Watching you keep her calm and happy was as soothing for me as it was for her.

I started using those movements at home, giving me some confidence where I had none before.

It helped us get some extra hours of sleep too. I wasn’t expecting that from a photo shoot."

- Rachael -

newborn baby wrapped in a soft white fabric with his hands out under his chin

When to Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot?

The best time for newborn photography is ideally within your baby's first 2 weeks of life. During this window, babies tend to be at their sleepiest, comfortably curling up in that enchanting fetal position.


This natural inclination results in the most adorable and heartwarming portraits that will bring you joy for years to come.


To secure a date, it's best to book the session while you are still pregnant. Together, we'll plan an appointment based on your due date, with the flexibility to adjust should your little one arrive early or fashionably late. After all, the due date is merely a guideline, not an expiry date!



Capturing the Precious details

Your baby will never be this small again! During a newborn session, you have the chance to document everything. From those irresistible chubby cheeks to the delicate eyelashes, from those tiny, perfect fingers to those adorable toes, every detail is preserved.


It's an emotional experience, one that captures the essence of this special time in your family's life.


Perhaps it's that moment when your baby clings to your finger, and your heart overflows with emotion. Or when your partner cradles your little one, and tears of joy fill your eyes. A newborn session is an intimate, emotional journey, and it's this unique experience that makes it so profoundly meaningful.




detail of newborn hand holding dad's finger

London Newborn Photographer

newborn girls smiling at mum

How long does a newborn Photoshoot take?

The sessions are baby-led so your baby won't be forced into any positions he doesn't like. Actually is the baby who dictates how and when he's comfortable.


A newborn session takes a little bit of time and patience. And of course, a lot of passion!


I never rush any of my sessions, especially for mums with newborns. Usually, the session takes about 2-3 hours. This allows ample time for feedings, cuddles, and tender moments between you, your baby, and any siblings who might join in.


I believe in creating a relaxed, unhurried environment where your baby's comfort and well-being always come first.

Are Parents and Siblings Included?

Absolutely YES! I always recommend Mum and Dad to be part of the photos with their baby. It's one of the most precious images you can have during the session.


I understand that mums may not feel their best right after giving birth, but I always encourage them to have a few photos with their baby. When they see the final result, they often have the same reaction: "I love it! Thank you so much for taking it."


Siblings, if there are any, are more than welcome to join the session. Of course, as a mum myself I would want to have all my children there! If they get bored, they can play a bit in the garden or play with the toys I have in the studio.

black and white portrait of a family of 5. Newborn baby is sleeping on the beanbag and the rest of the family is around her
newborn baby sleeping on a white blanket

Do you have Props?

I believe in the beauty of simplicity. My signature style is unadorned, focusing on your baby's pure essence.


While I do have a selection of simple props such as soft wraps, tiny outfits, and blankets, I refrain from using elaborate props like oversized hats with flowers or baskets. So if that’s what you like, probably I’m not your best fit as your London newborn photographer.


I use neutral tones and love the simplicity of the white to show baby purity and the black to emulate the womb's nurturing environment.


For me, "Less is More" is more than a saying; it's a philosophy. If you appreciate this style, I'm here to capture timeless images that truly resonate with your heart.

What should I Wear?

When it comes to what to wear for your baby photography session, I believe in keeping it simple.

Neutral colours like white, cream, grey, oatmeal, and plain fabrics work perfectly. They don't take away from the main focus, which is always your newborn baby and you.


After you book your baby photography session, I will send you the Newborn Experience Guide where you can find all the information you need, including clothes. In the meantime, you can read the blog I wrote Picture-Perfect Outfits: Tips on What to Wear for your Newborn Shoot

family portrait: mum holding newborn baby and dad hugging them both - black and white photo
beanbag in the white studio -London newborn photographer Valentina

Where is your Studio Located?

All my newborn sessions take place in my garden studio in Twickenham.


I created a serene and calming environment, ensuring that both mum and dad can unwind while I capture the beauty of their precious baby. I call it the happy white space, as everything is white and as soon as you step in you feel calm and joyful. You can check more photos of my studio on the website.


"We recently visited Valentina for a newborn photoshoot with our third baby, having previously used her services for our two sons.

Each time she welcomed us warmly, made us feel at ease, created a fun and relaxing atmosphere and produced the most beautiful suite of photographs we could have hoped for.

Truly a keepsake and a wonderful way to capture those precious moments forever.

We would highly recommend a photoshoot with Valentina, she is very talented at working with small children and always manages to get the best out of everyone."


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