Mum and Newborn Photos: Why do you need them?

Doing a newborn photoshoot is now a must for every parent. When I started in this industry, over 10 years ago, it wasn’t that popular and I saw it growing more every year.

However, sadly, photos of mum and baby together are not the most requested. And as a mum myself, I can understand, I’ve been there in the exhaustion phase too!

I hear lots of excuses: “I still have the baby belly, I need to lose some weight”, “I haven’t slept in days and I look awful”,”I will do another session in a few months when I feel myself again” . . . but guess what?

Your baby is only that tiny for such a little time. She/he won’t fit you in your arms the same way. She/he will be different a few weeks from now, imagine a couple of months!

Mum holding her newborn baby in her hands. The baby is sleeping and she is looking at her. Photo taken during a newborn photoshoot in Richmond

During a newborn photoshoot, mum and newborn photos are definitely the most important ones!

Your child won’t care what you look like. She will want to see that you were there with her.

One thing I like to do when I go back to my parents in Italy is looking through old photos. I’m lucky to have a decent amount of images even if I was born before the digital era. I have more photos of me alone or with my brother and cousin than photos with my mum. I have some but I wish I had more. Who knows, maybe she was having the same excuses I’m hearing now. But the things that we usually comment on are the way we dressed or the vaporous hair of the 80s. Certainly, no one ever comments about body shape. In some photos, there are grandmas and those are super precious as they are not around anymore. So I always say “oh look at nonna, I remember that time she took me on the trip” or “I still remember that toy she bought me” . . . because we live on memories and photos help us to remember them!

So one day, those mum and newborn photos, the photos with you will be priceless. They will grow in value with time.

I love my job and I’m humbled that parents trust me to capture their little babies and the love of their families. The newborn phase is such a fleeting time and I love capturing the little details, the baby curled up, the stretches, the yawns, the siblings.

But I get emotional when I shoot mum and newborn photos. Because I know mum will get strong emotions when she will look back at that image in 10 years’ time.

She will be able to still feel the warmth of the baby on her chest. She will remember her smell, how tiny she was and also the struggle of those early days. A photo has the power to bring it all up again.

I always encourage mums to be in the frame. I know you are tired and not feeling great, but I shot very close so I don’t show anything below the chest line. I will guide you and help you to pose so you will look your best. This is the beginning of your family and the start of your baby’s history.

Precious moments

In my photos, I love to show emotions. That’s why I like to shoot mum kissing her baby, or holding and looking at her. I always like to capture the connection because that is what will give you goosebumps one day. All the photos with mums and parents are also delivered in black and white as I feel they show more intimacy and they will be timeless.

Your baby will never be this small again and will quickly grow and change. These moments are simply precious. We all wish we could turn the clock back but unfortunately, we can’t. The closest thing is a photograph.

And if you really don’t want to be in the photo, I can just include your hands, my favourite and the only prop I use in my photos.

If you are reading this article you are probably thinking about a newborn session. You can learn more information on my website and you can get in touch by filling out the form below. I will be in touch soon.

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