What’s the Best Age to Photograph Babies?

The first year of a baby is so full of opportunities for photos. They grow and change so quickly in the first year, and there are so many milestones to capture!

I remember my phone was full of my daughter’s photos. Every day I took tens of pictures of her expressions, development, outings, activities. I like sending them to my husband, who was at work, and to my mum in Italy so they could be part of her growing journey too. And I’m sure your phone is full of baby photos too, right?

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When you invest in professional photography, you want to make sure you get the best moment captured. You can’t go back every week, right?

So what is the best age to photograph your baby?

As I mentioned previously, there are many milestones during the first year, and they are all very special. So whenever you decide to capture this moment with a professional photographer, I’m sure you will love the photos and treasure them for a long time.

However, some ages are definitely better than others in terms of photography.

  • The most popular is the Newborn stage when the baby is under two weeks old.
  • Another great stage is the Sitter – this could be anywhere from 6 to 8 months when the baby can comfortably sit unaided but is not crawling yet.
  • And finally, around the First Birthday – this could be from 11 to 13 months. I suggest doing the shoot when the baby is standing with support but not walking yet.

Newborn Photo Shoot

This is the most requested type of session in my studio. I specialise in natural newborn photography, so I guide the baby in natural-looking poses. I’m baby-led, and I don’t force a baby into a pose he doesn’t feel comfortable.

The best time for this type of photo with me is up to three weeks, but the younger, the better. Do you know why? Babies are most sleepy during the first two weeks, and they will stay calm during the session. They are still tiny and flexible, so they will comfortably curl up in foetal positions as they were inside the womb. I can take the cutest photos of your baby and capture some beautiful detail in this position.

At two weeks, many babies have their first significant growth spurt, which means they will feed more and stay awake longer. They will be more restless and stretch more as they know the space around them. I love capturing these moments and babies with open eyes, but I like to manage parents’ expectations if you book when your baby is older. Around that age, some babies might start to develop baby acne, making post-production a little bit more complicated.

If you prefer sleepy photos, it is essential to book your newborn shoot when you are still pregnant. I will pencil a date according to your due date, and once the baby has arrived, we can confirm a suitable date within that early window.

Sitter Photo Shoot

black and white image of baby boy  sucking his finger.

Between 6 and 8 months, or when your baby is ready to sit comfortably without support, is one of my favourite stage! I love this milestone because you can see the baby’s personality shining. They can understand and interact, resulting in beautiful facial expressions and fun photoshoots.

Some babies can be a little bit shy, especially if they don’t interact much with other people. I found lockdown babies, for example, having difficulties warming up. But, after a little while, they will be comfortable and show their best side. They are usually happy to sit in one place and play with a small toy or clap their hands, giving me many photos opportunities. I love having babies on their tummies and laying on their backs for some variety. So the sitter session will have the fun, the laughs, the serious stares and of course, some great photos with parents that you can never miss in a professional photoshoot. Mums, in particular, don’t have many chances to be captured with their babies. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for some memories together.

Try to book your milestone season at least a month in advance, especially if you think about a weekend date!

First Birthday

Baby girl turning one! She sits on the floor with a wooden cake and the one words at the back

The first year ends with the most significant milestone, the first birthday! It’s such a special event for every parent and family.

Clients who had a newborn session with me like coming back to mark this milestone. I suggest doing the session before they turn one when they can stand, maybe supporting themselves on a chair or stool, but they don’t walk around yet. So maybe around month 11.

This shoot is a proper family session. There are photos of the baby, photos with mum, dad and siblings. Cake smash used to be very popular, but I offer now simple portrait sessions with no messy time. I found babies were not too happy to get dirty and touch cakes, so I replaced that with a wooden cake. They love to play around with it, take the pieces off, and generally, they are happier.

Doing the photos before the actual birthday will also allow you to have the photos on time for the birthday party.

I’ll be happy to talk more about any of these sessions and help you plan your baby’s shoot. Please fill out the form below and I’ll be ready to chat.

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