5 Simple Tips on how to Choose a Newborn Photographer

I know how overwhelming the search for a newborn photographer can be!

You probably go on Google and search for a newborn photographer near you, and a list of hundreds will appear. So you spend so much time browsing the different websites looking for information and pricing, right?

Or you are probably looking on Instagram and Pinterest and find some photos you fall in love with and want to know if that photographer is available. Or you might have a friend who recently had a great session with someone, and you are going to the same photographer.

It doesn’t matter where your search starts, how you choose a newborn photographer, but I want to give you some simple tips to make your search easier, at least I hope so!

portrait of a newborn sleeping on his tummy. Mum and dad have their hands on his back and head.

So How to Choose your Newborn Photographer?

1. Experience, quality of work and safety

This is the most important thing to consider. You give your little baby to a stranger, so make sure that person is qualified and trained. You can probably tell from the portfolio and the social media if the work is consistent. Read the about page. You can feel when you read the information on the website, blog posts or when you speak to them if they are confident in what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience if you feel unsure.

Photography is all about connection. Especially a newborn photographer who will capture emotional moments between you and your baby will “see” your vulnerability, so if you don’t feel comfortable with her/him, it will show. So follow your heart.

2. Location

When you have a little one, especially if it’s your first baby, you don’t want to travel long enough to reach the photographer. So a good place to start is undoubtedly Google maps. You can see how far the studios are and how long it will take you to get there. Keep in mind that London is a big city! I had clients travelling over an hour to come to me. But I feel more than that is quite a long journey.

Also, another consideration is, do you want a studio session, or do you prefer a home session? The two are pretty different in terms of style and final result. Find out what you desire and ask the photographers what they offer.

3. Style

Newborn photography loves trends. And you will see it changing all the time.

So what do you want? What do you like? Do you like posed babies with flowers, bonnets and sleeping in baskets? Or do you prefer a more natural, minimal style?

So choose a newborn photographer that reflects your style, and you will love those photos for years.

If you like the prop style, don’t choose a natural photographer because it is cheaper or closer to you and ask to do a different style than what they do. They will be uncomfortable (if they are willing to do it), and the end result is not what you had in mind.

The photographer will recommend the best age for each of these styles. Usually, for the most posed, traditional sessions, babies are best under two weeks of age, as they need to be asleep to be posed. If you choose a more natural style, as I offer, the baby can be older too, as I’m more interested in capturing the connection rather than the perfect pose.

black and white family portrait. dad is holding newborn baby on his shoulder and mum is leaning into both.

4. What do you want from the session?

When clients book with me, I always ask, “why are you taking these photos now?” And all of them answer because they want to capture the tiny baby’s features and remember this time. Of course, you do. Memories are so important for all of us. And these photos are not just for you now. They will be for your children one day. They will be your legacy.

But how do you remember them? Think about how you will see these photos in 10-15 years. If you have them on a CD or USB, they might not be accessible anymore. CDs are already kind of dead. So if you want to remember and preserve those images, you should print them. Ask your photographer if they provide printed products like albums or fine art prints. Don’t you want that beautiful family photos hung on your wall? Can you visualise it on top of your bed? Or maybe in the living room? That’s how you will live that moment over again, every day.

5. Pricing

I kept this for last because every photographer is different, and only price shopping will make it an unfair comparison.

There will be general photographers and specialised photographers.

New photographers just starting will charge a little to gain the experience and send you the files via email. More experienced photographers will guide you through the process, hold your hand every step of the way, provide a personal experience, and deliver an outstanding product you will treasure for life.

It’s the difference between dinner at Mcdonald’s or a fine restaurant. You will have your food in one and the experience in the other.

I understand everyone has a different budget. And when you have a newborn, you have lots of new expenses you didn’t have before. However, thinking about all the expensive prams or cots or gadgets you are buying and dismissing after six months or max 2-3 years. Photos will be forever.

It’s not another expense but an investment that will grow in value as time passes.

master bedroom with a big  portrait of newborn and family over the bed

I hope these tips on how to find a newborn photographer will be helpful for your search.

My name is Valentina and I’m a London newborn photographer and mum of a girl and dog. I like to create timeless images that will touch your heart. You can see more of my work on the website.

Or if you want to get in touch with any questions, fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch soon.

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