The Ultimate Guide to Booking Your Newborn Photographer in London and Richmond

You are pregnant, congratulations! Bringing a new baby into the world is an incredible experience, and capturing those early moments is something every parent wants to cherish. Yes, time will indeed fly and your little baby won’t be so little for long. With so many talented newborn photographers in London and Richmond, it can be tough to decide who to choose.

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you book the perfect newborn photographer and answer all your questions about taking newborn photos. Plus, it will give you useful tips and tricks for newborn photography that you won’t find anywhere else. Why? Because I am writing this guide, Valentina, an expert and professional newborn photographer in London since 2010. With over 14 years of experience working with newborns and babies, this guide is packed with valuable information based on my experience running my newborn photography business over the years.

Newborn Photographer in London and Richmond Booking Guide

Why Newborn Photography?

In today’s fast-paced world, we take countless photos on our phones every day. But when it comes to capturing your newborn, hiring a professional photographer makes all the difference. Babies grow so quickly, and those early moments can slip away before you know it.

Professional newborn photographers have the skills to handle babies safely and capture their delicate beauty. They include the whole family in the photos, creating a complete picture of your new life together. Unlike phone snaps, these photos capture details you might miss – tiny yawns, little fingers, peaceful sleeping faces and, of course, your family love and connection.

A good photographer sees your family in a new way, showing you moments of love and connection you might not notice. These aren’t just pictures; they’re memories of your baby’s early days and your family’s joy.

In fact, firmly believe that newborn photography is about emotions and connections more than those perfectly posed babies.

In 2024, with all our digital photos, professional newborn photography stands out. It offers a special touch that turns everyday moments into cherished keepsakes. These photos will bring you joy for years to come, reminding you of how small and precious your baby was. Especially when you print those photos and turn them into wall art. Read more about this at the end of the article.

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Family photos with newborn during a photoshoot

When To Book a Session?

It’s best to book your newborn photography session during your second trimester. This gives you plenty of time to secure a spot with your chosen photographer, as many get booked up months in advance. So I would say book it around your 20th-week scan. It will give you peace of mind and time with the photographer to discuss your ideas and plan the session.

Babies don’t always arrive on schedule, so sometimes spaces open up in my diary. It’s always worth reaching out, even if you think it’s too late to book a session. I’ve had quite a few last-minute bookings this way. Still, planning ahead is always recommended!

When’s the Best Time for Newborn Photos?

The ideal time to take newborn photos is within the first two weeks after birth. Babies are usually sleepier and easier to pose during this period, which helps in getting those adorable, curled-up shots. The sweet spot is typically between 5 to 10 days old. After two weeks, babies tend to be more awake and may develop baby acne or colic, which can make the session a bit trickier.

Having said that, my style of newborn photography is natural, without the use of props and baby-led. That means that I can photograph babies up to 8-10 weeks. The older babies are, the more alert and awake they can be. It’s all a matter of communication and expectation.

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Newborn yawning, black and white photo

What Should I Bring?

As a newborn photographer, my Richmond studio is well-equipped with things you will need: from nappy bags and wipes for your baby to tea, water and snacks for yourself. I always send a session guide to my clients with all the information they need to know prior to the session and I explain it all through a phone call.

But here are the main things I recommend to bring to your newborn session:

  • Outfits and Accessories: While many photographers provide props and wraps, bringing a few personal items like a special blanket can add a personal touch to your photos. I offer a range of wraps and baby outfits, but I usually like to keep it simple.
  • Feeding Supplies: Bring enough bottles and formula if you are not breastfeeding. Babies tend to drink more during a session so it’s important to keep your baby happy.
  • Nappies and Wipes: Pack plenty of nappies for changes. I personally work with the nappy on a lot during the session to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Comfort Items: A dummy can help soothe your baby.

What to Expect During the Session

Newborn photography sessions are designed to be relaxed and enjoyable, especially when it’s your first baby. You can relax and enjoy the experience with a hot cup of tea. Here’s what typically happens:

  • Warm and Cosy Environment: Photographers keep their studios warm to ensure your baby is comfortable while half-naked and asleep. Come with light clothes even in winter because it will be warm.
  • Patience and Time: Sessions can last a couple of hours, allowing for feeding, changing, and cuddling breaks. Enjoy the experience and don’t book anything else afterwards so you know you can relax.
  • Gentle Posing: Photographers are skilled at gently posing newborns to capture beautiful shots. Your baby’s safety and comfort are always the priority.
  • Family Involvement: Many photographers include parents and siblings in a few shots, capturing those tender family moments. Personally, these are my favourite photos, the ones that will be loved and cherished in 20-plus years.
Guide to prepare for a newborn photography session in London studio

How to Choose the Right Newborn Photographer in London

Choosing the right newborn photographer in London and Richmond is key. There are many talented photographers out there and ultimately it’s a personal choice based on the style of photography you like; and how comfortable you are with that person (that’s why it’s important to book ahead and have the time to get to know your photographer); if you prefer a home or a studio session. . . there are many factors involved.

Here are some tips:

  • Portfolio Review: Check out the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style matches what you’re looking for. Do you prefer natural, candid shots, or more posed images? Also, make sure that the portfolio is consistent.
  • Experience and Training: Newborn photography requires specific skills and safety knowledge. Choose a photographer with plenty of experience and proper training.
  • Client Reviews: Read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of their professionalism and the overall experience. You can read my Google reviews to see what people enjoyed the experience with me.
  • Social media presence: Check out Instagram or other social platforms to see if they are active and know a little bit more about them. I love Instagram and Pinterest and use the stories to connect and engage more with my audience.
  • Communication: A good photographer will take the time to understand your preferences and answer any questions you have.

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What to Do with the Final Photos

I believe the main goal of your photography session is not just to capture beautiful memories but to create photos you can proudly display in your home. When you invest in a professional photo session, stopping at the digital files means you’re missing out on the full experience. Yes, in 2024, everything is in the cloud, on your phone, or on your computer, but to truly enjoy and appreciate the power of photography, you need to print it.

Let’s be honest: we’re all busy mums, and if we don’t print our photos after the session, we might never get around to it. I’m guilty myself of not printing enough, but I’m taking the time to go back, reorganize those photos, and print the ones I love the most. But yes, it’s very time-consuming.

That’s why my service doesn’t stop at the session but goes beyond it. I offer high-quality custom photo albums and wall art, as well as prints and small gifts for grandparents, godparents, and other loved ones. It took me years to build a product range I love and know my clients love too. In fact, 90% of my clients go home with beautiful printed products they will cherish for life. So consider this aspect too when you are looking for a photographer.

High-quality custom photo albums and wall art from a newborn photographer

Booking a newborn photographer in London and Richmond is a great way to capture those fleeting early days. By planning ahead, knowing what to expect, and choosing the right photographer, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

These photos will become treasured memories, telling the story of your family’s newest addition. So take the time to find a photographer who gets your vision and can deliver beautiful, timeless images you will love. If you would like to have more information about my session check out the Newborn Photography page on my website or fill out the form below and I will get back to you soon.

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