May-Inspired Baby Names

As a London-based newborn photographer capturing the precious moments of little ones entering the world, I understand the importance of choosing a name that not only resonates with parents but also holds significant meaning. A baby’s name is more than just a label; it’s a reflection of their identity and a symbol of hope and promise.

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May-Inspired Baby Names

Aaron – With roots in Hebrew, Aaron means ‘mountain of strength,’ aligning with the enduring qualities of the Taurus sign. It’s a name that exudes power and resilience, perfect for a little one destined for greatness.

Adam – Derived from Hebrew, Adam means ‘earth,’ reflecting the grounded and stable nature associated with the Taurus zodiac sign. It’s a name that signifies connection to the natural world and embodies strength and resilience.

Emerald – May’s birthstone, Emerald, represents rebirth and love, making it a unique and precious name choice.

Fleur – Meaning ‘flower’ in French, Fleur is a sophisticated and elegant name that pays homage to the natural world. It’s a charming choice for a baby girl, embodying the spirit of beauty and grace.

Flora – Derived from the Latin word for ‘flower,’ Flora is a name steeped in nature’s beauty. It captures the essence of growth and renewal, making it a perfect choice for parents seeking a name that reflects the season of birth.

Lily – Named after the birth flower, Lily of the Valley, this delicate name symbolizes purity, grace, and the joys of new beginnings. It’s a timeless choice that evokes images of blooming flowers in the spring.

Mason – As a male variation of May, Mason conveys strength and solidity. It’s a name rooted in tradition yet carries a modern flair, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a timeless yet contemporary name.

May – Obviously inspired by the month, May represents the beauty of spring and the renewal of life. It’s a name that exudes freshness and vitality, much like the newborns I have the pleasure of photographing.

Maya – Another version of May, Maya is a name with global appeal, representing strength and resilience. It’s a name that transcends borders, much like the universal language of love.

Quentin – Meaning ‘fifth’ in Latin, Quentin is a unique name that reflects the position of May as the fifth month of the year. It’s a name that celebrates individuality and character.

Thomas – Meaning ‘twin,’ Thomas mirrors the duality and versatility of the Gemini zodiac sign. It’s a name that symbolizes companionship and unity.

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Choosing a baby name is a joyful and meaningful experience for parents, and each of these names carries its own unique story and significance. Whether inspired by the month of May, birth flowers, or zodiac signs, these names reflect the beauty and wonder of new life.

Which of these names resonates with you?

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