The 40 over 40 Experience

Are you a woman in your 40s or over?

This is your time to Shine


For many of us, reaching 40 marks a significant milestone in our journey. It's a time of reflection, a moment when we become more attuned to our purpose, our self-awareness, and our capacity for love. That's why I've launched this special project – to celebrate the remarkable women who have reached this stage in life.


I believe that growth is something to be cherished and honoured.

Whether you're embracing your 40s with excitement or approaching them with introspection, you are special, and your journey deserves to be celebrated.


Join me for a contemporary glam photo session designed just for you, right here in my London studio. Let's capture the essence of who you are – both inside and out – and create timeless images that celebrate your unique beauty and strength.

“Ageing is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength"


What you will get:



A pre-shoot consultation.

Before your session, we'll have a personalized consultation where we'll discuss the theme of your shoot and explore wardrobe, hair, and makeup options. I'll also take the opportunity to ask you a few interview questions, getting to know you better and ensuring that your session reflects your unique personality and style.


Full makeover.

On the day of your shoot, you'll be treated to a full makeover by a professional hair stylist and makeup artist. Their expertise will ensure that you look and feel absolutely stunning, setting the perfect tone for your photo session.


The photo session.

Your photo session will last 2-3 hours, during which I'll guide you through each pose and expression, capturing the essence of who you are. Together, we'll bring your story and unique features to life in beautiful, authentic photos.


Photo reveal.

Once all your images are ready, we'll have an online reveal session where you'll have the opportunity to view and select your favourite images. This ensures that you have a say in the final selection and guarantees that you receive images that truly resonate with you.


A beautiful portrait.

You'll receive a complimentary stunning portrait of your choice in both printed and digital formats (of the value of £150). This tangible keepsake will serve as a timeless reminder of your strength, beauty, and empowerment. You can buy more photos at the photo reveal.


Your story featured

As a special touch, your story will be featured on my blog and potentially in a magazine. This platform allows us to showcase how fabulous you are and inspire other women to embrace their unique journeys.


The session fee is £250

Top 3 Reasons to Participate in the 40 over 40 Photography Experience:

Celebrate the Best Version of Yourself:
Your fourth decade is often one of the most exciting and fulfilling periods of life. After years of building your career and nurturing your family, it's time to celebrate how far you've come. These photos will showcase just how fabulous you look right now, highlighting your emotional and physical well-being. You're at a stage where you know what you want and what makes you happy, so why not capture it?


Be a Role Model for Others:
How often were you told when you were younger that women in their 40s are old? It's time to change this narrative, and you can be a part of this movement. Your 40 over 40 session isn't just a celebration of who you are; it's also an opportunity to be a role model for younger women who may fear ageing. Use these photos to tell your story and showcase your unique beauty, inspiring others to embrace every stage of life.


Boost Your Confidence:
If accepting the ageing process has been challenging for you, a 40 over 40 session can change your mindset. With the guidance of the right photographer, you'll see yourself in a whole new light. Viewing these photos will leave you with newfound confidence and a positive outlook on your life – the exact energy you should carry into the next 40 years.



A 40 over 40 session is more than just another photoshoot; it's a celebration of your style, grace, and your life.



collage of 3 portraits of women over 40
personalised box with matted portrait prints
black and white self portrait


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