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I met this mum while she was pregnant. We had the time to meet in person in a Clapham Junction cafe’ and chat about what she wanted to do. This was her third pregnancy.

She decided to follow the Chinese tradition, as she did in her previous pregnancies. This is known as the “sitting the month” as new mothers are pretty much expected to sit around in pyjamas for a month to recover from childbirth. But there are a lot of rules to follow, like not taking showers, or washing the hair, or drink cold water . . . and many more. I was very curious about this tradition when Siqi told me about it.

From my point of view, it simply meant waiting 30 days before photographing the little baby boy. Normally newborn photography is best done within the first 2 weeks of baby’s life. However, this is a guideline and if there are health issues or motivation like this of course I will photograph a newborn after that period.

Newborn photography with family

She wanted to include the other 2 siblings in the photos as well as the grandparents. The most people I had in my studio before 🙂

Newborn, 1 year and a half year boy and 5 yeard old girl was surely a challenge but in the end, we had a family portrait of them all!

portrait of Asian family welcoming a newborn baby
Family portrait: mum is holding new baby. Dad and siblings are around her

“I was quite nervous before the shoot due to the size of our family and there are a few pictures in my mind which I’d like to get out of the session. I worried the children won’t be in their best and time might run out. However, it turns out Valentina could engage with our toddlers fairly quick and she has the magic to settle our newborn for a smooth session without much of fuss.”

Normally when I photograph a newborn who has already siblings, I do that at the beginning of the session. I start with baby and brother/sister, then add mum and dad. After a few photos the children can leave with dad and I can focus just on the newborn with mum. During the session, the room is very warm, because newborns are mostly naked. I find children, toddlers especially get bored and tired easily in the environment and there is no need for them to stay longer. So normally everyone is happy when I suggest they can leave after their part is done 🙂

They were actually both quite good with their little baby brother. Mum says:

“They both love the baby boy, sometimes almost too much of love. They kiss good night before bed to each other, it is just heartwarming to watch.”

portrait of siblings laying on the floor
big brother kissing newborn sibling
sister kissing newborn brother during a photoshoot

Newborn photography session.

Newborn photos are all about the baby and that’s why I don’t like using many props. I like my neutral blankets for both boys and girls. The room is very warm and there is soft music in the background and some white noise to encourage baby to sleep (and sometimes parents have a nap as well).

I asked a few questions to mum and I think they are useful for any parents thinking about newborn photography.

What was your favourite part of our session together?

“Watching our sleepy baby boy been photographed. I felt the world had paused for the calmness moment.”

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken?

“Either fully prepared or totally relax. You will either get what you want or a good surprise as a life long souvenir.”

A few more photos from the session.

newborn sleeping on his side with a soft wrap on top
Asian baby sleeping on his tummy with hands under chin pose during a newborn photoshoot
newborn photographer clapham junction
newborn posing naked in tummy pose during a photoshoot
newborn curled on a black blanket with parents hands around him

Newborn Photographer Clapham Junction, SW London

If you are thinking about newborn photography, I will be delighted to photograph your baby. Send me an email or give me a call 07577 978246 so we can arrange a meeting and go through everything you need to know!

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