Top 3 Gifts for Mums! Free Last-minute Christmas Ideas

We are only 3 sleeps away from Christmas and let’s face it, this year it’s even more stressful than usual!

That’s right Christmas can be quite an overwhelming time for a mum, who on top of the normal day to day home running and work, has normally on her shoulder also all the gifts for the family!

But this year it was even crazier! 2020, the year of the global pandemic and mums all over the world are exhausted physically and mentally!

Come on, we all had to face extra things to deal with from the virtual learning, the panic buying, the social-distancing measures, the working from home and life balancing and more all at once . . . and pregnant women were anxious and stressed because of all this mess and many mums this year had to give birth without their partner to support them!

Now, we are back in lockdown again. Tier 4 in London and other others in the UK means many shops are closed and maybe your shopping was not completed.

Well, I just want to suggest a few gifts for mums!

That’s right, you mums deserve some extra treats this Christmas and I know money can be tight. That’s why I am here to suggest some FREE Gifts for Mums. Simple gifts you can ask your partner or your parents when the restrictions are lifted.

Because you deserve a little bit of self care and a little break!

Top 3 FREE Gifts you can request this Christmas

  • Morning home spa. This could be a nice break, you could ask this to your sister or your mum (once it’s possible). They can take the children out in the playground or for a walk while you will enjoy a long hot bubble bath with relaxing music and scented candles. When you come out, you can wrap yourself up in your cosy warm robe with a nice herbal tea in your hands. Maybe you read a little bit that book you always wanted to start! Don’t forget to apply the face mask and turn the phone off! These are just a few hours to restore yourself with no distractions or worries. I’m sure you have all you need at home so yes, it’s free 😉
gifts for mums
  • A weekend of no nappy duty! That’s for your partner. Actually, you could stretch to a whole week, imagine that! Simply picture no more smelly buts to clean . . . is it a dream? 🙂 Well, it’s not much after all . . .

  • A nice home-made dinner (that you are not cooking!) Since March I feel I’m constantly cooking. My husband has been working from home so I prepare lunch and dinner every single day. And we’re not eating sandwiches for lunch! Plus, my daughter suffers from reflux. She cannot have processed and ready-made food and that means lots of cooking and baking. I actually experimented a lot of new recipes and had fun but I have to admit it’s exhausting to do every single day. Since Covid started we had one meal out and one takeaway! I thought if I feel like this, other mums would appreciate a nice home-made cooked dinner as well. Right?

  • Extra little idea: Photograph some moments!! This is for the dads, take some nice photos while mum is playing with your children, while she is reading to them, she is comforting them. . . these are precious moments and she will be grateful to have them. Don’t let her know you are taking the photos, otherwise you’ll lose the spontaneity, just do it. Get it printed, buy a little frame and give it to her. If you are looking for inspirations have a look at my Instagram page.

Do you like these gifts for mums?

I had this idea because back in January, for my birthday, my daughter gifted me a certificate she designed that entitled me to a day off from her and Luna (the dog)! I was very surprised, and my husband told me it was her idea! How fabulous!

These are just some suggestions I think every (new) mum will appreciate but of course there are other free ideas you could come up with!

So mum, if you are reading this, send it to your husband!

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