Favourite Newborn photos in 2020! London Newborn Photographer

2020 has surely been a difficult year for everyone!

Anxiety and fears were ordinary words. We all had to adjust our lifestyles and habits in every part of the world.

Mums had to give birth without a partner, children had to learn remotely in front of a screen, grandparents were not allowed to see grandchildren . . . emotionally we were all over the place! And to all the parents, please let me say it, you are all heroes!

Luckily we all had our family, our children, our pets and our love and connection to each other made it more bearable even if with its challenges.

As a London newborn photographer, working in close contact with little ones, it has definitely been a tough year.

Probably there were more months without work than with work. However, I am so grateful for the families I could serve, I’m grateful for all the trust new clients put in me. And of course, I’m grateful for the health that always allowed me to work when it was possible.

So my 2020 review won’t be about bad numbers, statistics, positive cases . . .

My review will be about love, relationship, joy and incredible moments in families’ life.

And what better way to show it than a little slideshow of my favourite images I shot last year?

The new year started off with a national lockdown, but I’m sure things will get better very soon! I can’t wait to photograph again all these emotions, to capture beautiful moments for many more families!

If you had a baby during the lockdown and desperately wanted some photos, don’t worry, there is always time to take some great photos of your baby and your family. Even if your baby will be a little bit older, I can assure you can have some amazing memories. I wrote a post about when it’s too late for newborn photography. You can read more information on my website and get inspiration from my Instagram account.

Just get in touch anyway so I can put you on a priority list and arrange your session as soon as it will be possible again!

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