Disney princesses transformed into the true Happily Ever After . . . Mums

During the weekend, while I was scrolling on my Facebook feed, I stopped when I saw the post of a Russian artist who imagined Disney princesses pregnant or as new mums.

My daughter was never really into the princesses. She liked Flouder more than Ariel. The Tiger more than Jasmine and the racoon more than Pocahontas. So I understood straight away she was into animals! Ha ha ha

Anyway, most girls love princesses and their magic world. And I loved this new vision of pregnancy and motherhood. I will share here some of my favourites.

Pregnant Pocahontas in the Nature

Love the complicity here. In my maternity photography, I always look for connection and emotions and this illustration was the first to catch my eye for this exact reason! It reminded me of what I look for and of course, the white dress is the final touch. Pure and simple. True beauty!


Sweet princess Cinderella as mum to be

Another illustration I like for the neutral tones and the sweetness between the couple. Casual and elegant at the same time!


Beautiful Belle holding her little girl

Love the bond between mother and daughter here. When I photograph my moms I can see the same lovingly eyes.


Ariel as mum-to be

Love the location here! And the happiness in their expression.


Pocahontas with her happy baby

I love this pose. It works great with mum or dad and the baby always have so much fun!


Snow White sweetness

Baby happy and comfortably swaddled in mum’s arms. Love it!


Disney Princess Aurora mum

Again here I love the natural location and the beautiful dress. Not a big fun of the head flowers but hey it’s Disney world!


I hope you enjoyed these illustrations! Surely a different view from what we grew up with, right?

The maternity journey into motherhood should be fully embraced and photographs of your bump and with your baby will always remind you of this amazing time of your life.

If you would like to have some beautiful memories of your pregnant belly I will be delighted to help you! Have a look at the maternity gallery and don’t hesitate to get in touch vale@photographybyvalentina.com.

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