Empowered Birthing Mother Summit

I’m very excited to be part of the Empowered Birthing Mother Summit!

▪️Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November 2020, 10am-3pm

▪️An International Panel of Pregnancy Experts

▪️Appearing Live on Facebook

▪️8 Talks, Classes and Presentations

▪️Raising Money for the Doula Access Fund

Pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood is a time of immense transformation at every level of our being. It can be as destabilising and undermining as it is exciting and rewarding.

The Empowered Birthing Mother Summit was born from the wish that women find empowerment and dignity through this time of transformation.

Taking place over the course of a weekend, this special online event will provide expectant mothers with the very best ideas, advice and techniques to support and empower them during their pregnancy and childbirth journey.

An International Panel of Health Practitioners, Artists, Activists and Women’s Pregnancy & Lifestyle Advocates will be coming together to offer a weekend summit of advice and support including:

Pregnancy Yoga

Therapeutic Counselling guidance techniques;

Women’s Rights and Maternal Journaling inspiration

Pregnancy Photography tips

Recipes for optimal Nutrition & Digestive health during pregnancy

Shamanic insights into birth as transformation

Sophrology – “dynamic relaxation” & Homeopathic self-prescribing for Pregnancy & Birth.

This is a ticketed fundraising event, £10.00 per day or £15.00 for both days. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Doula-UK Access Fund which enables pregnant women and new mothers in compromised situations to access doula support during childbirth and the postnatal period.

The event will take place on Facebook Live. Please join the FB page where you can know more about the speakers.

Enjoy a weekend of education, information, and
celebration all in the name of maternal empowerment.

Book your spot on Eventbrite.

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