How to Make You Feel Comfortable and Relaxed During Your Maternity Photo Shoot

As your London maternity photographer, my mission is to ensure this magical experience extends beyond the lens. It’s about capturing not just moments but emotions, creating a tapestry of memories for you and your little one.

To achieve this, it’s crucial to establish an environment where you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident. I understand that being in front of the camera during this special time can be both exciting and overwhelming.

That’s why I want to share some valuable tips to ensure you have a positive and memorable maternity photo shoot experience.

B&W photo of pregnant woman covering her breast with her arm

Preparing Ahead for Your Maternity Photo Shoot

It’s crucial to discuss ideas beforehand and have a plan for the maternity photo shoot so that everything goes smoothly. I usually give you a call but it’s even better if you can come to see me in the studio. When we have an in-person consultation not only do you get familiar with the environment but you can have a look at photos and wardrobe. Discussing how you would like to be photographed and what you can expect will give you peace of mind so you can walk into your photo shoot in confidence.

Creating a Comfortable Space

Your maternity photo shoot is more than a session. It’s a celebration of you, your body, and the love that binds your growing family. To ensure your experience is serene and enjoyable, I focus on creating an environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. My studio is a warm and calming place. You can enjoy background music, a hot cup of tea and a comfortable sofa when you need to take a break. There will be some snacks and refreshments if you need to keep your energy up.

I also provide a robe you can keep handy between the sets so you can feel less exposed.

Get Comfortable with Clothes

Even if you decide to uncover your bump, I always like to start with some portraits with clothes on. That could be a stretchy dress you brought with you or something you can choose from my wardrobe. This way you will start getting comfortable in front of the camera and with me before moving to semi-nude images. And believe me, at the end of the session you don’t even mind being completely naked! Not that you have to but don’t be surprised if you feel like it!

3 maternity portrait in black and white taken during a maternity photo shoot in London

Open dialogue

You don’t need to be a model or have done this before. I understand you can feel shy and insecure but rest assured I will be there for you, so you won’t be doing it alone. Talking to each other is key and the quickest way to get where we both want. I will explain some simple poses that will highlight your natural beauty and the essence of pregnancy. Help you achieve those poses. The most important part for me is knowing you feel comfortable, so please don’t be afraid to let me know if you feel discomfort if you need a break or simply a glass of water.

Your maternity photo shoot is a collaboration, a dance, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Embrace Your True Self

I believe in genuine connections, so during our time together, expect a few shared laughs, sincere compliments, and some emotional tears. Yes, you’ll realise I get emotional very easily. And I would like you to show your real self too. I want you to feel seen and understood.

Building a real relationship with you is the essence of my approach as a maternity photographer. Your comfort and emotional ease are the cornerstones of capturing exquisite portraits. Through open and heartfelt communication, my goal is to create a space where you not only feel at ease but also free to express the unique beauty of this chapter in your life. This trust is the magic that transforms each photograph into a timeless story.

collage of maternity portraits

Maternity photography is a celebration of you and the incredible journey you’re on.

Let’s make every session a special and memorable experience that beautifully captures the essence of this precious time in your life. If you want to have a chat about your maternity session give me a call at 07577 978246 or visit my photography website and fill out the form

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