The Tiny Details that Reveal Big Stories – Newborn Macro Photography

Newborn photography is all about capturing your little baby in his early days. Those little features will soon fade away as your baby will grow fast. But you can remember it all through newborn photography.

And the best way to document those little details is with macro photography.

“In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject”

– Henri Cartier-Bresson
macro photography: image of newborn hands under baby's chin

What is macro photography?

Macro photography is in simple words a close-up photo. It’s showing a subject larger than its real size. It is used a lot for flowers, insects, water drops and small details that you want to amplify. That’s why it really suits newborn photography very well too.

Parents want photos of their newborn babies because they want to remember how small they were, they want to stop that fleeting time. And macro photography allows for capturing those baby’s details in a way that the human eye is not used to see it. It allows you to see little details even cuter than it is.

What baby’s details can you photograph?

Every little detail is very important to a parent, that’s why I try to photograph everything! From the general profile to lips, toes, fingers, lashes . . . Being a London newborn photographer also means capturing the small characteristics and every baby is different. So in some babies, I might photograph the long lashes, and in others the funny hair.

Those details are the ones that will make you go “aww” even in 10 years’ time.

Let me show some examples.

Profile Image

photos of baby's profile shot with a macro lens


close up photos of baby's lips


newborn eyelashes - macro photography

Feet and Toes

black and while photos of newborn feet and toes

Hands and fingers

images of newborns' hands


collage of macro  photos of baby's hair

These are the most common ones, but there is so much more to capture. Details like flaky skins, ears, nose, lanugo, those cute body folds. . . . It’s incredible how a little baby can have so many little different details to record.

collage of baby's details. Macro photography used in newborn photos

I might have opened up a world you didn’t know about it. But I’m sure now you are really in love with these close-up images. Every time I post a close-up image on my Instagram account, in fact, it get always great attention and love. Because they are different and special. And now you want them too. Right?

Well, I can surely help you with that. Fill out the form below and I will get in touch with you so we can chat about your newborn session.

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