Halloween Recipes For Toddlers

It’s not long till Halloween and for many children, it’s a fun time to get dressed and around for treats or tricks. When I started as a London baby photographer I used to do some themed sessions so the babies were dressed up as cute pumpkins but as my style got more minimal and white-oriented I stopped doing them.

My daughter loves Halloween. She starts planning it in the summer! However, if your children are really small, Halloween can be a little bit scary.  Lots of the activities take place when it’s dark and let’s face it, some older kids’ costumes can be downright terrifying!

If you want to get into the Halloween Spirit (no pun intended) and be guaranteed to be fright free – then baking at home is a great activity for little ones.

There are tons of ideas you can find online, including plenty of no-bake ones but here are a couple of my favourite Halloween recipes for toddlers.

Chocolate Apples

Chocolate apples are a great alternative to toffee apples which involve boiling sugar and lots of supervision!  Chocolate apples on the other hand can be made using your microwave at much lower temperatures, are a little kinder to teeth and are very easy to decorate, even for toddlers.

image of chocolate apples which recipe is explained in the post.

You will need:

4 small eating apples

200g milk chocolate finely chopped

To decorate:

Sprinkles, chopped nuts, honeycomb pieces, white chocolate (any decoration of your choice!)

You’ll also need 4 wooden skewers or lolly sticks


Put the milk chocolate in a heatproof bowl and set it over a pan of simmering water.  Keep stirring until the chocolate is just melted.  Alternatively, heat in short bursts in the microwave but remember to keep stirring.

Wash your apples in boiling water – this removes any wax from the skin and helps the chocolate bond to the apple.  Pat the apples dry and press a stick into each one.

Line a tray with baking or parchment paper.

This is the part the kids can get involved in!  Holding the apple by the stick, dip each one in the melted chocolate until fully coated.  Then pop them onto the baking tray, stick pointing up, to set.

When the chocolate is almost set, you can add your decorations.

Leave them to fully set and avoid putting them in the fridge where you will find the chocolate will start to get condensation.  Keep them in an airtight container for up to 2 days (they don’t last that long in our house!)

Banana Ghosts

These treats are super healthy PLUS they are really easy to make.  Kids of all ages love them and will love helping to make them

All you need is some bananas and a packet of chocolate chips.

Warm a plate with some hot water and pat it dry.  

Peel your bananas and cut them in half.

Then use a cocktail stick to pick up a chocolate chip and hold it on the plate until the bottom starts to melt slightly.  Place it on your bananas to make a face

These should be eaten immediately or can be frozen in an airtight container.

You can get creative and use other fruits as well like in this photo. These are perfect for toddlers, they will love them and you too as they are healthy! It’s a win- win!

Halloween Recipes For Toddlers: banana ghosts, satsuma pumpkin, apple monster mouth.

I’d love to see your interpretation of these recipes.  If you make them, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram me and I’ll share them in my stories!

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