Are Maternity Photos Worth it?

Pregnancy is one of the most special and meaningful times in our lives, and even if 9 months might feel long, it simply goes by in a flash.

During this time our body changes so much and we feel a new life growing inside. We feel every kick, every stretch, every hiccup and we create a connection and a deep love with someone we have no idea what will look like. I believe there’s nothing more incredible than this.

And this alone I believe, is so worth being captured and remembered.

Pregnant mum is wearing her black lingerie and wearing a black blazer on her shoulder. She is leaning on the wall with her hands around the belly. Photo taken during a maternity photoshoot in London

But pregnancy is as magical as it is hard. And I know you feel big, tired, swollen and uncomfortable and the last thing you think about is getting in front of the camera. I hear you. And we can talk also about anxiety and stress in your relationship, all the mood swings, the financial pressure . . . I know.

I understand how you feel because I was there. What I want to remind you is that all the above is just temporary. You need to look at the bigger picture.

So are Maternity Photos Worth it?

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this. Maternity photos are very worth it to many women. And as a London maternity photographer of course I believe maternity photos are worth it. But only you know the value of your memories. The value these images will have for you, let’s say in 5 or 10 years’ time.

What I can do, is help you to see things in another light so you can better understand the value of maternity photos. To do that I’m using some common beliefs I’m hearing about maternity photos.

I don’t recognise my body. I feel big and I don’t think I will be good enough to have photos done.

There is an optimal time to get these photos so you are not as big and tired. You will be instead at the peak of your beauty, proud of your body and what it’s creating. You will be pampered and you will feel beautiful, because you are. Be gentle with your body. Respect it and be grateful for it because it’s creating something incredible.

close up profile of a pregnant belly

I don’t really feel confident or at my best so the thought of having maternity photos doesn’t really toot my horn.

Right, this is similar to the previous point. Probably you don’t feel confident because you feel like a stranger in your body. But I will give you confidence. I will pose you and guide you so you will look your best, you will show as a confident woman and you will show the Goddess in you!

Pregnant mum laying on her back on a white bad. She is holding her arm up near her head. Photo taken by Valentina during a photoshoot.

I don’t have a dress or anything decent for a photo shoot

Don’t worry I got you covered! In my studio, I created a little wardrobe over the years and I’m sure you can find something you like. From simple dresses and gowns to pieces of fabric that can really create amazing creative images.

Powerful mum to be looking straight at the camera during her maternity photoshoot.

I think it’s too expensive and not worth it

I know there are many new expenses when you are expecting a baby, but when you invest in photography is something you will have for life. It’s not like a cot or a pram where we spend hundreds of pounds and we dispose of it after a year or so. A photograph has so much value and that value increases with time. Money is just energy, that comes and they go. And when you use it for a meaningful purpose that’s when you will feel fulfilled, now and always. And nothing has more meaning than starting the story of your family.

Living room wall dressed with 3 black and white portraits taken during an outdoor maternity shoot. Because maternity photos are worth it and deserve to be displayed.

So do you start thinking that Maternity Photos are Special?

As an expecting mum, you will be creating a deep bond with your unborn baby from the beginning. Carrying a baby creates such an intimate relationship that unfortunately dads can not experience. They will start their bonding only when the baby arrives.

Doing a maternity shoot with your partner is also a way to share this special moment and strengthen this bond. After all, you are moving from a loving couple to a growing family. Involving your partner in the photos can start this emotional bond earlier. Because during this time it’s all about you, your beautiful baby bump and the connection between you.

Sweet and tender image of pregnant couple. They are gently looking at each other while holding their hands on the pregnancy belly. This is why maternity photos are worth it.

And if this is your second or third pregnancy, nothing is better than involving your children too. Having your maternity photos with them will help them understand that a new baby is coming soon, that they will be a big brother or sister and they will get them excited about it.

Dad and baby holding hands on mum's pregnant belly. This photo describes why maternity photos are worth it.

Valentina was amazing!
We had a maternity session, we loved the experience, everything was so calm and relaxed even if there was also my 4 years old son that wanted to play with everything 😅
She took amazing shoots and we feel comfortable in her studio despite I hate being in front of the camera.
Highly recommend!

I truly believe you will treasure these images for years to come

Time with a baby will fly, especially the first year. You will be going from the sleepless night feeding your baby to chasing him in the park and taking him to school.

You will miss your baby bump and the calmness around that time. You will miss the emotion of placing your hands and feeling a little hiccup or kick. You will miss the undisturbed talk with your unborn baby. You will be asking yourself where the time went and how your baby could fit inside your belly.

Your maternity photos will remind you of that.

Your children will love to see those photos too when they are older. They will look at their beautiful mama and they will know you couldn’t wait to meet them. And no they won’t be looking at how many kilos you weighed, at your swollen legs . . . they will be looking at the love in your eyes, at the confidence in your body and in your bond with their dad.

Through these photos, you will be showing them a world they could never see.

Isn’t this the best gift you could leave them? And another reason why maternity photos are worth it?

Outdoor maternity photoshoot. Pregnant couple surrounded by wisteria.

I’m sure that when you look at a beautiful photo of yourself you feel proud, valued and accomplished. And if a photo can bring you joy and feel like this, it’s definitely worth it, right?

After all these years, I know mums really appreciate having these photos, especially as time goes on. There’s no regret. The only regret I’ve heard is not having them. 💔

Here are some comments I’ve heard:

“I’m really glad I did it too. I’m not a big fan of taking photos but this will be a great memory”

“I’ve been feeling like a gremlin for most of my pregnancy. However, I am sad not to have any good photos from my first pregnancy. I’m grateful I have newborn photos but I will definitely do maternity photos on my next pregnancy”

“I don’t feel confident in front of the camera but this is my first pregnancy and very likely my last after years of infertility. So I want to document it all as much as possible.”

“I didn’t capture any photos with my son but I love the photos from this pregnancy. I like to look back on things and I regret not having that of my son.”

“It’s nice to have photos with me and my husband that are not selfies. These photos are very special.”

It is normal to have some doubts and to feel a little bit embarrassed maybe but believe me this will be one of the best experiences of your life and surely one of the best memories you will be left with.

If you ask me, a maternity photoshoot should be on your checklist. And it could be a lovely gift to ask for a baby shower!

Are you ready to experience it for yourself?

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