What are popular Names for Babies born in December?

December is such a lovely time of the year. Everyone is a little bit more kinder. The festive mood, the fairy lights, the decorations, the music, the good food make us all feel more appreciative and supportive.

And I feel the babies born in the month of December can feel it as well.

Finding baby names is always a biggie when you are pregnant. There are always lots of thoughts around it and sometimes mum and dad don’t agree on a name. Christmas inspires the feeling of joy and hope. And for a pregnant couple the ultimate joy is becoming a parent and meeting their beautiful baby. So if you are having a December baby why not trying to bring that joy in his/her name.

As a newborn photographer I hear lots of interesting names and I’m always fascinating about their meaning or origin.

Every parent wants to give a unique and meaningful baby name, and I believe Christmas can inspire lots of meaning. The one below is not an exhaustive list but the names that I found more inspiring.

Newborn baby curled up on his back holding his little foot. He's laying on a white blanket and had a white wrap around. Photo taken during a newborn shoot in London.

Names for Girls

Angel – Is one of the best female Christmas names. Other variations Angela and Angelina are also popular.

Beth – diminutive name for Bethlehem city, where Jesus was born.

Chiara – Italian origin name meaning “light and clear” has been the name of many saints.

Cady – variation of French word Cadeaux meaning “gift”. A name that sounds similar to Katie but it’s more unique and less common.

Eirwen – this is another unique name. It’s Welsh for snow.

Faith – this name embrace the holiday season.

Holly – well, we don’t need much explanation for this, right?

Mary – on the religious theme of course this is a classic.

Natalia – if your girl is born at Christmas Day this Latin origin name is perfect. You could choose the Russian version, Natasha.

Neve – meaning snow in Italian.

Nora – meaning “light”, signifies bright and cheery Christmas spirit.

Scarlett – reminding of Santa’s red dress

Stella – Latin name for star.

Baby Names for Boys

Caspar – the name of one of the Three Kings in the Nativity.

Christian – meaning “follower of Christ” is one of the traditional Christmas names.

Felix – meaning “happy” is a perfect name to signify the cheerful Christmas spirit.

Gabriel – another Nativity theme meaning “Hero of God” or “God is my strength”

Joseph – kind of classical ono, doesn’t need any explanation.

Nicholas – after good old Saint Nick

Nico – Italian diminutive of Nicholas

Rudolph – after the red-nosed reindeer

Theodore – Greek origin meaning “God’s gift”.

Yule – unique name meaning “winter solstice”. The origin of the name dates back to Old English.

I hope some of these baby names give you some inspiration. Let m know if you found a good name or please share the name you chose in the comment if you wish.

mum and dad holding baby's hands during a newborn photoshoot
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