What’s the Value of a Photograph?

Let me ask you this question again: What’s the value of photos for you?

And I’m not talking about value from a monetary point of view. I’m talking about how you feel when you look at photos, which is much more important.

I want to raise this question today because it’s world cancer day and unfortunately we all have friends or family who are fighting or fought with this terrible disease. I lost many family members because of cancer. The closest both my grandmas (who I was very close to) more than 20 years ago, when I was just a teenager. And my dad met Mr. cancer as well a few years ago, but he was so strong that he punched him really hard and won! I still admire his positivity throughout months and months of radio and chemotherapy.

Cancer is a word that makes us feel scared, small and hopeless. But nowadays there are many positive stories and continuous researches are proving it can be defeated. But let’s go back to my original question.

I believe what makes a photo valuable is how someone values it. Loves it. Cherishes it and gains something from it. 

What happens when you lose someone you loved dearly? You go and look for photos of that person. And if those photos are on your phone you print them because you want to hold them. Through a photograph, you live again some moments and memories. Through a photograph, you feel closer to that 0person again. 

This is my little positive story.

photo of mum kissing baby- value of photos

These are photos of a few years ago and they were taken just a few days before this gorgeous and strong mum went to the hospital for a spine operation. The baby was 4 months old and while she was pregnant they discovered there was something wrong with her. When she got in touch with me, she wanted to schedule a shoot as soon as possible as she was unwell, waiting to go to the hospital soon and would be un-mobile for a number of months after that.

She wanted to do it because  “so I can look back and remember these very special months that I had with my child and husband”.  This is how powerful photos can be! I was very grateful and honoured to photograph this family and provide them with special memories.  “Thanks so much for sending these photos!… it’s great to be able to look at them when I’m by myself alone in the hospital…it definitely makes me smile! 🙂

mum and dad hugging and laughing while holding baby - value of photos
mum holding baby and dad looking at then - value of photos

Photos are memories.

You will remember a particular moment even many years afterwards when you look at a picture. Photos are a recording of the times in our life, and the beauty is they will be pass to our descendants to tell them about us. And that’s for all types of pictures, personal, commercial or historical… 

So what’s still holding you back from having photos with your children?   

“So I can look back and remember these very special months that I had with my child and husband”

The photos you are taking now are not for you. They are for your children who one day will want to see how beautiful her mum was, how fun it was playing with dad in the park and how precious was having a sibling to “argue” and play with.

As a London photographer specialising in Newborn photography I love to involve the whole family in the newborn shoot. The photos of the baby are the most loved. But the photos with mum and dad and siblings are the most powerful and cherished forever!

You can look at my portfolio to see more of my work and I hope you can see the passion I have for this job and my mission to provide incredible memories through your photos.

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