Due to Covid-19, the photography studio will be closed

I’m Italian and every day I suffer to see my home country like this.

Over 3 weeks ago when I came back from Italy after the half term, I postponed all my newborn sessions, not because I had to but because as a mum I felt that way.

All my clients appreciate the call and agree to postpone the appointment. One cancelled. But I wanted to be extra careful, that’s it. I knew this Covid-19 was causing a lot of issues in Italy and even if I wasn’t in any of those red areas I prefer to wait and see if I was okay . . .

Last week I finished the newborn sessions lined up and now I decided to stop and close the studio.

I’m not a doctor. I’m just a mum and even if the government thinks it’s okay to still carry on as normal at the moment I don’t feel quite secure.

I work from home every day

I only see 1 client at the time

I clean my studio before and after a session

I wash my hands before the session (few times actually prior clients arrive)

I use hand sanitiser throughout the session

I wash blankets, wraps . . . after every session.

This is and has been my procedures since I started. It’s just normal stuff!

But if awake up in the morning with a cold and I have an appointment, I call the client and they decide if to come or postpone.

I had clients coming anyway and I wore a mask. Others preferred to postpone. Their choice.

In the past when my daughter was little and got sick easier or had a fever or any other little virus kids pick up at nursery I would call and postpone the session. Because even if I wasn’t sick, I didn’t want to pass anything to my little client.

I always had these healthy measures in place and I surely won’t stop them now!

But the issue I have at the moment is that I’m not sure these standard measures are still enough.

They say children will have mild flu, as most of the adults. But to be honest, if a newborn will be positive won’t have many antibodies to fight it. Even if they have the flu I don’t think it will be pleasant right?

They struggle to breathe when they happen to have a blocked nose and we can do much as mums. I remember I felt helpless when Amy was poorly.

So I don’t want to be the one causing any troubles to your baby right now.

And it’s very hard for me because not only I love my job but with no client will have no income. But as they say better safe than sorry!

So, for now, I’m on hold and hopefully, if we keep social distances for a while we all go back to normal very soon

In the meantime, I will show you anyway what I’m working on and when I run out of fresh photos I will dig into the archive. Hopefully, some cute photos of babies and family love will keep spirits high.

Please follow me on Instagram, it’s the channel I’m most active at the moment and I will share news and updates.

I’m very sorry for any inconveniences and I will try to find a way to stay close and help the clients who have already booked a session in the near future.

Stay positive and be kind

Covid-19 studio closed. Portrait of family hung on the wall over the sofa

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