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I have to say I feel pretty lucky lately. I never enter competitions because I know I am not a lucky person in general so I simply don’t waste time with it. I saw on Twitter a couple of competitions with theatre tickets as a prize and well I thought to give it a try.

Do you know what? I won them both!! Can you believe it? Now I think I should try more often 🙂

I went to see Clouds last month and I loved it. You can read a little bit about it here if you are interested.

A few weeks ago I went to the Unicorn Theatre in London Bridge with family tickets for Seesaw. I brought my nearly 3 year-old-daughter and my husband. Thanks, Curious Mum for this opportunity.

The theatre has a modern and minimalist look and is children-proof. As soon as you walk through the glass sliding doors you find a nice open space that was set up with small chairs and tables full of paper and colours to scribble. Behind that is a little play area with a small wooden kitchen and some toys. Everything to keep the little ones entertained.

We arrived just on time so we actually didn’t have the chance to enjoy that. My little one was a bit sad she couldn’t play but as soon as we got inside we found a little surprise!

Not a traditional theatre stage but a little room with a sandpit in the middle and all the audience sitting around. Inside the sandpit a beautiful wooden seesaw (the type that every child would want in their garden!) and a girl drawing on the sand with a stick. She draws herself and her little toy rabbit Hairy and she starts talking and playing in the playground like every other girl of her age. We were sited on the left side in the second raw and it was like being there, as part of the play, as a friend of the little girl. But a real “friend” comes in the sandpit, a little boy with orange juice in his hands who starts playing with the autumn leaves and imagine going on a spaceship.

The girl thinks he took Hairy and she is very cross with him. He tries to help so they both look for the little toy rabbit. Between the two begins an interaction of love and hate that eventually leads to a proper friendship. One minute they play together, the other they are fighting and pushing each other. They are children and that’s the way they behave.

Together they discover how to share the seesaw and how to play with the sand.

I bet every child in the audience remembers “Pat it flat, pat it flat” 🙂

They are now friends but it required a lot of work and a lot of time to get there. The same effort it took to use the seesaw: sometimes they were up, sometimes they were down until they learned to balance.


                             Photos above provided by Unicorn Theatre and credited to Matt Hargraves

I thought it was a nice play, just under 40 minutes I believe and my daughter enjoyed it. The final surprise was the invitation to join in the sandpit for some playing time. A beautiful ending!

Then, of course, we had to stop outside too for a bit of colouring time that we missed at the beginning!

The show is on till November so check it out and get dressed appropriately 🙂

I think I should take my daughter to the children’s theatre more. It’s fun!

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