A day in Life – Fresh Pasta

I didn’t realise how long this half term was! There are more holiday days than Christmas!!

In Italy, there are normally a few days off for Easter, usually around a week time and I still need to get used to the English school system! I will get it one day 🙂

We stayed in London and tried to keep Amy busy somehow. I have to say she quite enjoys staying home playing with her Pony and Shopkins collection. She spends hours making up little stories and it’s actually funny listening to her but of course, everyone needs some fresh air. We went to playgrounds, fairs, ice-skating, to Legoland . . . and indoors we did a bit of colouring, painting, crafting, cooking . . .

What I wanted to share is an easy recipe to make fresh pasta! Very similar to making gnocchi for children, they will enjoy modelling the ingredients as they would with the Playdough.

I made a little video of Amy while she was preparing the dough for the fresh pasta all by herself and then uncle Thomas helped her make tagliatelle with the pasta machine.

The recipe and the ingredients are in the video. The fresh pasta was served with a creamy nutty sauce. Yum 🙂

Hope you enjoy it! Let us know if you do so we make more similar videos 🙂

PS. I like spending time with her, but luckily next week will be school time again!! Ha ha ha

If you are interested in documenting a morning with your children, maybe not cooking, but having fun in the park for example, please visit my website.

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