Every Pregnant Woman Should Feel Beautiful!

This is the title used in a little article in Closer magazine this week. An article that featured one of my images!

Yes, you heard it right.

And wait . . . there is more! The same image also made it to the front cover!

Of course, this was a big win for me but also a big win for all the pregnant mums.

Yes, because I believe maternity photos are super important and every woman should be on the cover for her bravery in this journey.

Even if pregnancy is not always an easy journey of glowing and beauty, actually it could be a very troubled and uncomfortable journey indeed, it’s so worthy to be captured. It’s one in a life time opportunity because even if you get pregnant again, the experience will totally be different every time.

But wait a second! Are you curious to see the image? I bet you are . . .

demi moore style maternity shot

It’s a Demi Moore style image. That iconic maternity photo that was in Vanity Fair cover in 1991 and created a lot chatting! And it is on the magazine cover.

closer magazine cover: real mums-to-be celebrate 30 years of doing a Demi

Why maternity photos are worth it?

I will answer with the words of the mums interviewed.

“I contacted Valentina to arrange a shoot with my newborn-to-be and toddler. And when I spoke to Valentina she suggested I should also do a bump shoot. I knew this was likely to be the last pregnancy I’d ever have – and I’d always secretly thought that it would be fun to recreate the famous Demi Moore pregnancy shot – so I said yes.

“Surprisingly doing a naked shoot didn’t feel scary at all – Valentina was so relaxed. I felt empowered – and it was a great distraction from the sleepless nights, back pain and heartburn that pregnancy often bring!

“When I saw the pictures, I was thrilled to have such a unique shot to remember carrying a little human being, and I even uploaded one to Instagram. I didn’t feel self-conscious about people seeing it because there’s nothing embarrassing about being a pregnant woman. It’s a gift and one of the biggest milestones in any woman’s life.

“I think it’s great that so many normal women are following the celeb trend of embracing their pregnant bodies with maternity photos.

article talking about the importance of maternity photos

Of course you don’t have to be naked to celebrate your body. Every woman decides the way she wants to be photographed but it’s an experience that I recommend to all pregnant mums. Because it’s empowering!

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