Did you know white noise works magic? Newborn soother

White noise is magic!

During a newborn session, I always use white noise to keep the baby calm and every time parents ask me questions.

What is it? Why do you use it? Is it an app?

Your baby will be soothed and comforted by sounds that remind her of the rhythmic noises she heard in your womb. For 9 months your baby was in a very warm environment and she was hearing that noise that we call white noise. When you go to the hospital for your check and the midwives do the ultrasound, this is the type of noise you hear, right?

Well give it a chance! Try to use a white noise app to soothe your newborn, who know? It might works magic!

Many babies also enjoy the sound of a washing machine, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner or just some simple white noise. There are plenty of apps that make these kinds of sounds or just search for a free white noise video online.

Newborn soother, white noise can work.

When my daughter was a newborn, 6 years ago, there were no such apps, or at least we weren’t aware. We found that she enjoyed the street noise, cars passing by, rain . . .  So one night my husband went out and recorded those noise. Shame that a siren suddenly ruined everything 🙂 But recording was cut and was played  several times with loudspeakers! So find your baby’s favourite and give it go.

The sound of your heartbeat when you hold her close during skin-to-skin may also help to calm her and regulate her breathing.

I have a couple of app on my phone:

White Noise


Sound Sleepers


Do you already use a similar app? Do you think it works? Let me know in the comment.

Or if you prefer to have an actual white noise machine I would recommend these 2 you can buy from Amazon.




newborn baby sleeping on his tummy with hands under chin

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Photography by Valentina | Newborn Photographer London

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