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Enjoy your Newborn Session with these quick Tips!

Right, you are looking for your newborn photographer in Richmond but you start feeling a bit anxious. You are not sure when to book, you are worried the baby won’t cooperate or that you won’t feel at your best.

In this blog post, I will talk to you about some simple tips to enjoy your newborn session and value this unique moment of your life.

1. Plan your Newborn Session.

The first thing for a stress-free session is to book your photographer ahead, while you are pregnant. You will have the time to research, find your perfect fit and maybe have the chance to meet the photographer. There is nothing more stressful than finding a last-minute newborn photographer with your baby on you all the time, with a lack of sleep and general post-partum discomfort. Your choice won’t probably be the best.

newborn photographer in Richmond Valentina, sitting in front of the computer in her studio.

Once you booked, the photographer will usually send you information and guides about the newborn session. I usually cover what to bring, what to expect in the studio, what to wear and how you can display your photos at their best.

Please read the information ahead of time and address any questions you might have with the photographer. Try not to read it the night before as it might increase your anxiety in case you don’t have some of the things mentioned, or in case you need to discuss some matters before.

This will surely contribute to a smooth newborn session.

2. Prepare your Newborn bag the Day Before

You will realise soon that it’s not that easy to leave the house with a little baby! It’s not just a matter of grabbing keys, phone and bank card!
As a newborn photographer in Richmond, I found that some parents forgot to pack enough nappies or forgot the whole bag altogether! But that’s another story 🙂

You will have to pack as if you were going on holiday! Nappies, wipes, bottles and formula (if you are not breastfeeding), muslins, extra clothes in case of accidents, extra nappies, dummy, changing mat . . . and all the things you will need to leave a morning out.
Also, it happened to so many clients who were ready to go and leave the house, but wait, what’s going on? A little situation in baby’s nappy. Or more than little . . . baby is now covered in poo because the nappy leaked and they had to go back and clean the mess! I feel you, it happened to me too. And always when I have an appointment or something to do. And I can feel your anxiety rising!

That’s why having that bag ready the day before, maybe already placed in the car will give you peace of mind. A thing you don’t have to do last minute.

3. Make sure you have the Studio Address Saved

That’s a silly thing, but actually quite important. I had clients going to the wrong location because the postcode was incorrect and of course, that will make you feel stressed.

So once you book your session save the address with the photographer’s contact and check the itinerary beforehand. And if for any reason you are running late or early, just let the photographer know. It will be very appreciated.

Black and white image of a newborn sleeping with his arms high. Photo take in the studio of Photography by Valentina, newborn photographer in Richmond

4. Trust your Photographer*

This is probably the very first time that a stranger is holding and handling your baby. And I know how you might feel, especially if the baby takes a while to calm and settle. In fact, the photographer is probably wrapping the baby, bouncing around to soothe him and you feel you will probably do a better job as you know your baby the best. And this is absolutely true!

But the photographer knows what to do and if they need you they will tell you!

I am an SWPP licenced photographer and a Pro level member of Banpas. The association promotes safe working practices in newborn photography and is dedicated to ensuring that the baby’s comfort and safety take priority whilst the photographers create beautiful images for parents to treasure. So if you book with a professional accredited photographer like me, trust them!

A newborn session requires time and patience and the baby can sense the parents’ tension if they are worried. So if the mum is trying to calm the baby but she is quite nervous, it’s probably a better idea to leave this job to the photographer. Personally, I do some meditation before a newborn session, so I can be mentally prepared for calm.

So try to sit back and relax with a hot cup of tea and enjoy this incredible experience. I’m sure you will also pick up some techniques you will use afterwards.

*Of course, if at any time you don’t feel comfortable with what the photographer is doing, simply let them know. A mum’s instinct is very strong and quite right. Please book with an experienced and accredited photographer and remember that safety is always the priority. You need someone trained, not just any photographer.

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5. Enjoy the Moment and Relax

Right, so the baby is ready and the shoot has started.

You can comfortably sit and watch the experience. You don’t need to be shadowing the photographer, you will get tired standing around and you will likely be on the way as well. I personally move around baby a lot to get different photos and angles so I need the space for it. Plus you might stand in the wrong place and interfere with the light.

But don’t worry, you can see everything from where you sit and you will be actively part of the session. I always ask parents to pop in and out of shots, just holding a hand, or laying close by and giving the baby a kiss.

Watching how I handle babies, according to my clients, is a great experience itself. And remember the photographer is always doing the best in her power to provide you with the best possible newborn images. It’s in our interest after all!

Plus, I know you deserve that rest. You need to relax. Let’s face it. You will probably have already quite a few sleepless nights, long labour still weighing on you, and general aching and discomfort postpartum. So a nice hot cup of tea, while you lay in your partner’s arms, is all you need, right?

During those 2-3 hours I’ll be taking care of your baby so you can have a little breather. But don’t get too used to it! Hahaha, I can’t come home with you!

So really try to enjoy this moment and it will stay with you every time you hold those photos.

There you have it, 5 little tips to enjoy your newborn session!

And if you haven’t found your newborn photographer in Richmond, well I’ll be happy to capture this moment for you. Head over to my website and learn more information. Or simply fill out the form below and I will send you everything you need to know.

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