The Heart Behind My Lens: Unveiling the Why Behind Portrait Photography

Recently, I’ve been diving deep into the question of why I do what I do. It’s not the first time I’ve pondered this, but with each passing year and each new experience, my “why” seems to evolve.

So, what exactly do I do?

Well, I’m a portrait photographer based in London, specializing in motherhood photography.

My portrait photography journey started with a passion for capturing moments. But it wasn’t until I began travelling that this passion truly blossomed. In places like Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia, I found myself drawn to photographing people, especially mothers with their children. There was something profoundly beautiful and captivating about these moments, and they sparked a curiosity within me.

Back then, I didn’t fully realise it, but those experiences laid the foundation for my interest in motherhood photography. Fast forward to today, and here I am, capturing the essence of motherhood in all its beauty and authenticity.

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Women of Vietnam
Sad story: while I was looking for these photos I realised I don’t have them as digitals anymore, thank god I printed them so this is a photo of prints, hence the low quality.
travel photos in south east asia

But my connection to people runs deeper than just photography.

Growing up in Italy, I was fascinated by languages and cultures. I believed that to truly experience a place, you had to immerse yourself in its people and traditions and that’s why I studied modern languages at university. I wanted to be able to communicate with people around the world. This belief was reaffirmed during my travels, where I learned that the heart of any destination lies in its people.

Take Malawi, for example…  

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world but with its breathtaking landscapes, lake Malawi is a Unesco heritage site, it’s a place worth visiting. I spent a day in an amazing resort by the lake. Great food, a lovely atmosphere, nice beach stretching to the crystal clear lake but that could have been any nice holiday place. You don’t visit a place to stay in a resort. That wasn’t a reflection of Malawi.

black and white images of African women

Living in a missionary setting for 2 weeks, I found myself immersed in the daily lives of its people. I ventured beyond the tourist spots, delving into the heart of local communities. Witnessing the resilience and warmth of Malawians, despite their struggles, left an enduring impression on me. It was a touching reminder of the beauty found in every person’s story, no matter their situation.

This connection to people has always been a part of me, driven by a strong curiosity about life. Even as an introvert, I’ve found peace and meaning in the connections forged through my lens.


When I started on my journey as a portrait photographer, it was with a desire to capture people and their moments and I shot everything that came my way. But I soon realised photographing children was bringing me joy, perhaps echoing the memories of those smiling, happy children in Africa.

Shortly after I got pregnant and became a mother myself and that’s when my focus changed to just newborn and expecting mothers. Watching my daughter grow before my eyes, I’ve come to appreciate the power of photography in preserving precious moments. It’s why I’m passionate about documenting the early days of parenthood – a time filled with pure joy and unconditional love. I have this black-and-white photo of her long eyelashes and every time I see it I see myself sitting next to her and watching her to sleep. I hear myself saying “She’s so beautiful, she is perfect”.

There are so many things our brain forgets. But the moment you see a photo it all comes back.

It’s like the smell of freshly cut grass, I love it because it brings me back to my childhood, to where I grew up. I grew up in the countryside, with big pieces of land, tractors and families spending days out helping each other. Yes, there was tiredness and hard work but you could get happiness and a sense of purpose. I only realised that when I was older. But when I rarely smell this in London now, I stop for a second, breathe and find a little smile on my face.

Photos like smells trigger memories and therefore emotions. That’s the power of photography.

portrait photography; 9 images of newborn, babies and expecting mums

The other day I was at a client’s home. The baby was 12 days new, I swaddled her with a soft warm wrap and before laying her on the bed, mum saw her and started crying. Of course, emotion was high and I had teary eyes too. But in that moment I thought this is why I’m doing this.

This is why I love my job and it’s powerful purpose.

But my journey doesn’t end here. It will start again.

I started photography in 2010 and things changed and evolved since then. As I enter a new chapter of my life, I’m compelled to expand my focus to include women over 40. Why? Because I believe that every woman deserves to feel seen and valued for who she truly is. In a society that often overlooks the wisdom and beauty that come with age, I want to celebrate the strength and resilience of women at every stage of life.

portrait photography : collage of 4 portraits of a woman

Through my work, I aim to empower women to embrace their unique journey, flaws and all. It’s a journey of self-discovery, one that I’m embarking on alongside my clients as I explore the nuances of womanhood through self-portraiture.

In the end, photography is more than just a profession – it’s a calling.

It’s about capturing the fleeting moments that define our lives and leaving behind a legacy that transcends generations. So, whether you’re a new parent cherishing the early days of parenthood or a woman embracing the beauty of age, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery through the lens.

Now I’m curious to know why would you decide to be photographed. Share it in the comments.

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